Bohemian Salon

We went with the fabulous vegetarian choices at Santa Barbara this time—kale salad with mushrooms, avocado and roasted pumpkin seeds, zucchini fritters, cabbage rolls, and a root veggie stew they call mafé, . What a good meal!

Striking Chicago Loft Artistically Displaying the Owner’s Guitar Collection


architecture west-loop-loft-besch-designThis striking Chicago loft is located in a famous building that once housed the National Biscuit Company in the West Loop neighborhood, now known as “Nabisco” . The impressive multi-unit crib is located on the upper floor and is packed full with charming industrial elements. A large array of materials and textures reduce the scale of the place and give it a homey west-loop-loft-besch-According to the developers…

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Great food at the Elote Cafe—their eponymous appetizer had roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime, and cotija cheese.

We also had a braised lamb shank with ancho chile sauce and corn crusted scallops with tomato jam, truffle cream, and roasted poblano peppers. The accompanying rice and beans were a step up from that of other southwest style restos we had eaten at.

The corn cake with vanilla bean ice cream, dolche de leche, and sprinkled with roasted corn was wonderful. No wonder they have line ups!

This community was interesting—ranged from beautiful to kitsch. The mobile home that was being taken apart to be moved was new for us.

The Cowboy Club in uptown Sedona (there is no downtown) had good food—enjoyed the bison burger with crispy fried onions, smoked cheddar, bacon, and their special BBQ sauce with a side of sweet potato fries. The sundae was decadently good!

Just outside Sedona

Grapes Restaurant, in Jerome, where we had the amazing sourdough zin burger—a hamburger (that has been drizzled with red Zinfandel) on grilled sourdough bread with provolone cheese, bacon, and herbed mayo.

Oak Creek Canyon

Nic’s, in historic Cottonwood, had fine food!

Scenes from the Verde Valley Railroad tour—gorgeous!!